an inquisitive mind is essential!


My thoughts on the negative influence of corruption.


We have yet to figure out a sufficient deterrent to the inevitability of corruption. Human beings are fallible, we are not perfect and we are prone to make errors. Just the idea of power alone can make the mind susceptible to manipulation in many different ways. I find it terribly discouraging that a majority of humans will subvert solidarity and values for materialistic self-progression. The most righteous man can become amazingly dishonest for a chance to increase wealth or status. The concept of power is analogous to some narcotics, mind altering and extremely addictive. With all this being said, possessing a weak mind is not justification of taking advantage for personal gain. Our society has a tendency to favor “scapegoating” over acceptance of blame and this renders us incapable of truly identifying our culpability. I think the first step to overcoming corruption is to simply and honestly acknowledge it’s existence. Corruption is human nature and will never be eradicated but we can reduce it to a manageable level. We have to develop a self-regulating process that will raise accountability and limit internal corruption. Continuous self-criticism and a constant review of actions are necessary. One’s self must first be liberated from unscrupulous,fraudulent behavior before we can even attempt to limit corruption elsewhere. I think it is almost impossible to influence a moral change in someone who is “set in their ways”. When a person doesn’t value truth any facts that you present are instantaneously dismissed. But don’t abandon hope entirely, once the revolution of the mind occurs you are one step towards transforming society. As the old cliche¬†¬†goes,”nothing worth having comes easy”.



In remembrance of the most influential orator of my time

The fight against all totalitarianism must continue!